Gold hits all time high: R16000/oz

Since no-one in the financial world or main-stream media dares to breathe a word appears to be interested in reporting anything about Gold that will portray it in a positive light, it seems I am the one who gets to break the news:

Gold just hit its all time high in South Africa.

A few minutes ago the price of Gold surpassed the R 16,000 per ounce mark for the first time ever.

I realize that to those with eyes to see and ears to hear this news is not surprising or significant. It certainly is not the first time this year Gold has hit new highs as measured in the fiat that is the ZAR. Amidst the deafening silence I just figured this time round I’ll mention something.


Now it is time for you to once again forget about all of this pet rock shenanigans, go back to being a good little citizen and while relaxing on your couch this afternoon digesting all that braaivleis, remember to also digest all the profound wisdoms you’ll find in the financial section of your local newspaper.


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  1. Dips

    What is the current percentage ratio of your savings portfolio?

    Bitcoing/ Gold/ Shares/ (lol not property)

    I’ve bought a bit of gold after reading previous posts (I wish I’d gotten more and earlier), but what advice would you give to somebody looking to invest right now?

  2. Franco


  3. Jerome Olivier

    I bought dbx USA tracker shares and made a ton of money since 2012 and I got dividends something gold can’t give me

  4. Francois Viljoen


    BTC: 1.5%
    Shares, short, levered: 1.5%
    Cash, ZAR: 5%
    Shares, long, unlevered: 12%
    Au: +- 80%

    Re investment advice:
    I no longer give gambling advice, except for a stiff fee and only to people who are not well armed.

    Perhaps ask Jerome, he has seen some pretty good returns. 😉

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