Google AdSense

I recently signed up with Google AdSense.

It’s quite easy and painless to setup and get the advertisements to display on your website. The adverts displayed are automatically generated based on the content of the page being viewed.

The only problem with AdSense is that you have limited control over the people who get to advertise on your website.

URL Blacklist

Luckily Google AdSense allows you to add URLs to a blacklist.

Once you’ve added a URL to the blacklist, advertisements linking to that URL won’t be displayed anymore.

Please Report Evil Ads

If you click on a Google AdSense advertisement on Liberta that takes you to a dubious, suspicious or just stupid website, please send the website’s URL to me, and I’ll add it to the blacklist.

I would especially like to hear from you if you find advertisements to websites that offer:

  • Quick loans, payday loans, etc.
  • Online gambling
  • Network marketing schemes
  • Work-from-home schemes
  • Suspicious investment opportunities
  • Anything else that sucks

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~ i may be wrong ~ report evil adverts ~
  1. Riaan Oosthuysen

    Ek het ook Adsense op my blog en op my website en moet sê dit het nogal ‘n ruk geneem om van die ongewensde advertensies ontslae te raak, maar ek dink die meeste is nou al geblok

  2. Sharon

    Francois, do you get paid for doing this? I find ads to be annoying on blogs…I guess there is just so much consumerism, I prefer not to see them…but I’m glad you are controlling what gets listed!

  3. Francois Viljoen


    Send me those those URLs you blocked please!!


    Yup, you get paid for the ads. I don’t think my blog receives enough traffic yet to make it worthwhile, but I’ve always wondered how effective Google Adsense is, so this is an experiment to test, and if it generates revenue it’s a passive source of income, so that’s good.

  4. Tanner

    These are the four links I see on your site right now, all of which appear to be scams.


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