Repo Rate in South Africa

This page shows the current bank repurchase rate, as well as a graph and table of the repo rates in South Africa, since 1999.

The repo rate was last updated on . The current repo rate is %.

Repo Rate Graph

This is a graph of the repo rates in South Africa, since 1999. To see what the repo rate was at a specific time, move your mouse over the graph.

Repo Rate History

The following table shows the historical repo rates in South Africa, since 1999.



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  1. Kapinni F M

    From 2000-01-14 to 2000-09-30 was the repo rate at 11.75% or it changed? Also was the repo rate at 12.00% from 2000-10-17 to the beginning of 2001?

  2. Kapinni F M

    I mean was it consistant or it changed in between the period from 2000-01-14 to 2000-09-30 ?

    Thank you.

  3. Francois Viljoen

    @ Kapinni

    >> From 2000-01-14 to 2000-09-30 was the repo rate at 11.75%?


    >> Was the repo rate at 12.00% from 2000-10-17 to the beginning of 2001?


  4. Katlego

    What are the main reasons for repo rate movements(changes) in the past five(5) years. What can you hold it against if one was to try and explain it in detail?

  5. Nicole

    Do you know where I can get the repo rates for 1994 – 1998?

  6. Francois Viljoen


    I’m not 100% sure about this, but you should be able to calculate them from the prime interest rate figures on this website.

    Repo Rate = Prime Rate – 3.5

  7. Cindy

    What are the cahnces of the repo rate going down again in the next year or so?

  8. Francois Viljoen


    There is a possibility that the REPO rate will go down a bit more.

    The SARB‘s mandate is to try and keep inflation in a target range of 4% to 6%.

    The year-on-year CPI inflation rate for March 2010 came in today at 5.1%.

    So, looking purely at inflation figures, they may have reason to lower the REPO rate a little more.

  9. Phuthi

    Do you by any chance know where i can get info about the price of crude oil in SA?

  10. Francois Viljoen


  11. Chris

    I have a question how do the banks determine the interest rate for money invested?
    Do they use the repo rate for interest or a factor of it?
    Can someone help me?

  12. Francois Viljoen


    I have a current account in which I kept a positive balance and monitored carefully over the last 5 years.

    The interest rate of moneys I kept in this account consistently went up and down with the repo rate during this time. So in my case, yes, the interest rate seems to be linked to the repo rate.

    The calculation the bank uses seems to be using for my account is REPO – 1.3 percentage points.

    I’m currently earning interest at a rate of 4.2%.

    However, it is not stated in the T&Cs of the account that this will always be the case (i.e. it is not guaranteed) and I cannot speak for any of the other banks or accounts.

  13. Superwoman

    If I was earning a gross salary of R15,000 per month in 2002, how do I calculate the inflation rate to work out what that salary should be worth today? I read somewhere that the cost of bread has increased by 140% between 2002 and 2010, does that mean my salary should have increased by a similar rate?

  14. Gynis Scott


    How do I check back for the repo rate prior to 1999. Actually looking for the repo rate as from 1996.


  15. lee

    how do i get info on the bond rates?

  16. Shannen

    i am looking for the repo rate og this year, can any one help me please?

  17. Gilad

    Thanks for this. Few things:
    – Anyone know where to get the repo rate for historical data that is older than this? The SARB website ( only goes as far back as 2001.
    – What is the data source for this table?
    – Anyone know why the WorldBank World Development Indicates has different figures for various rates from SARB/StatsSA e.g. CPI?

  18. SLEE

    can anyone tell me the repo rate of the year 1992

  19. Taylor

    explain how the repo rate affects housing bond

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