Vision and Mission

I pray that this website will encourage and teach people to:

  • Be good stewards of their money.
  • Get and stay out of out of debt.
  • Save and invest wisely.
  • Live lives of freedom.

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  1. jamiebatts


  2. Charles

    Excellent blog! Can you imagine a society who invests their money every month instead of paying off debts?

  3. Bongani

    Thanks for this website! Im quite positive it’ll do wonders to people’s mind-sets as its also done with me in terms of relooking at my finances. My only wish is that it reaches out to alot of people, so that we may all have a better understanding of what really happens during recession period. God bless man, excellent work!

  4. Tyrone Glisson

    Thank you, Francois!

    An excellently put together website and from a just a small bit of reading, I can see that your knowledge of investment is incredibly experienced and insightful!

    I completely agree with your splendid intention – I have been investing 50% of my income since mid-2006, and I can truly say that it is probably the best decision I have ever made.

    Also, thank you for the graph of South African interest rates since 1948 – this was the exact data I have been looking for to try create and understand trends.

    Truly excellent work! I hope that it has the impact you intend, and that it warms as many hearts as it did mine to see this from a fellow South African!

  5. Stephen

    Dear Francois,

    What a refreshing change to find a such an informative website which answered all my CPI queries. The cherry on top was to read your Vision and Mission statement which promotes Godly principles in this mixed up wonderful world that we live in!

  6. Gareth

    Glad to have stumbled across this. I’ve been wanting to start something very similiar… time has not been my ally though. For I now I will scrutinize yours 🙂

  7. Trevor

    I find myself swimming in debt. It’s time to take charge. Thank you.

  8. Phindile

    Please assist me i like to have more info, regarding SARB

    Monitoring foreign exchange controls and moneys that are paid to foreign beneficiaries by companies the rules and regulation regarding that. the use of credit cards abroad, where can i get that kind of information.


  9. Nikki

    Hi Francois

    Loving the fundamentals. Looking for more posts please.

  10. hein

    Hello Francois,

    I have been avidly following your site for a number of years now and must say i enjoy the writings very much. With cost of living and the now increase in rates, I do believe life is going to become difficult. The question is I have two children 20 & 18 and have been saving money for them. I also took a lump sum of money and baught each of the a gov retail bond. What would you suggest is a better way that putting money in a saving account for them.


  11. Francois Viljoen


    The only financial advice I really have is that you should educate yourself as well as possible, make your own investment decisions and accept the responsibility, risks and consequences of those decisions – good or bad.

    As part of your education, it is a good idea to consult a financial advisor – one who primarily makes his money by charging you a fee for his advice and not from the commission on the products he sells – to take a look at your portfolio and explain to you what investment options are available.

    This is the way I see the market and what I’m doing with my own investments this year:

    Kind regards,


    Hi Francois

    Great, informative site.

    Just letting you know that I have linked the “Latest Rates” table to my site. I am a financial advisor here in SA and was looking for a widget like this as some clients would like to know what the CPI rate is, for example where their premiums and benefits are linked to. So thank you for that one.

    I have also downloaded and checked out the excel budget on your site. That is quite awesome. Soon, I will write a post about budgeting and will be sending clients to your budget page so that they can download it directly from your site.


  13. Francois Viljoen

    Thanks for stopping by.

  14. Candice

    Please send me emails, updates, newsletters and notifications from this site.

  15. Francois Viljoen


    Here are the instructions for subscribing to the site. 🙂

  16. Nelly

    Excellent blog. Thank you, Francois!

  17. Audrey Appleby

    Hi Francois, very informative site. I urgently need the AVERAGE CPI RATE from beginning of 2008 till current. Is it possible to advise me. Thankyou


    if i dont get a fuel card or travel car allowance, am i entitled to the full aa rate payback or only part of it?

  19. Emery Boseme

    Hello! Francois,

    I thank you for your honesty and advice to the world.
    your website is inspiring and interesting.

  20. Den Beech

    What an incredible site.
    Coming off an failed business insolvency 10 years ago it has helped me to develop a couple of retirement scenario’s.
    By doubling my monthly contributions and extending my employment contract to 70 I can now look forward to a sustainable retirement.
    Without Liberta I would never have been able to do this.
    Must admit that while I have no idea of what is involved a mobile app or site would have been a really nice addition.
    Thank you Francois.

  21. Francois Viljoen


    Thank-you so much for taking the time to share your experience here.

    I’m thankful that the information was of use to you!

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