Who owns the South African Reserve Bank?

The South African Reserve Bank (SARB) is a privately owned central bank.

In fact, it is possible for almost anyone to buy shares in the SARB.

Since its establishment, the Reserve Bank has always been privately owned. Today the Bank has more than 630 shareholders and its shares are traded on an Over the counter share transfer facility market (OTCSTF market) co-ordinated within the Reserve Bank. Except for the provision of the SA Reserve Bank Act that no individual shareholder may hold more than 10 000 shares of the total number of 2 000 000 issued shares, there is no limitation on shareholding. After allowing for certain provisions, payment of company tax on profits, transfers to reserves and dividend payments of not more than 10 cents per share to shareholders, the surplus of the Bank’s earnings is paid to the Government. The Bank’s operations are therefore not driven by a profit motive, but by serving the best interests of all the people in South Africa.

Even though the SARB is privately owned, it appears that the shareholders don’t have a say in the decisions made by the bank.

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  1. Francois Joubert


  2. ismail

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    i bought and sold a few and made a packet of money

  3. Justice K. Magasa

    Interesting, what I still dont understand is how did a rand fall from $/R Exchange of U$=1Rand to current scenario

  4. Haroun Kola

    Thanks for an excellent thread. I think it was Terence Mackenna who postulated, when comparing the markets with the iching (don’t ask me how) that the whole system comes crashing down around the end of 2012.

    This conspiracy theory of fact will bring the whole sorry mess to an end, and with the volatility of the whole system driven by pure fear and greed at the moment, take as much as you can at the moment to find the basics you need in life. Clean water, fresh air and a place to grow food.

    Then start bartering!

  5. Michael

    You will NEVER find out from the Reserve Bank who their major shareholders are ? [HINT: They are about as ‘British’ as the Oppenheimers, or the Rothschilds]

  6. Milan

    Sorry to say this, Michael you are totally wrong. You can see the offical share register here


    It’s more less correct (95%). All oversea shareholders are correct! I know it, because if checked it and I’m one of them!

    The problem with the SARB are not the shareholders, the problem have Names like Gill or Johan or in the past Tito and the name of the biggest gangster of all is Christian!!! You should read the CIEX Report of all the liveboats and the weapon deals! If someone wants it leave a message then I will post a adress to download it! Then you will understand whats really going on with the SARB! Where all the money and the gold went.

  7. Thobelani

    South African Reserve Bank is privately owned by a wicked Rothschild. One currency, One government, One Lucifer….. the New World Order!

  8. malale james ndunani

    How can i be able to buy shares from the reserve bank?

  9. maplanka ka-mazinki

    Most people here are just commenting with gibberish. You’ve used a lot of products your entire lives unconcerned with who owns the brands and now everybody wanna act all wise by interrogating who owns the SARB. If you wanna buy shares do it and STFU!

  10. François

    @Maplanka….while u wish to remain ignorant of the origins of fractional reserve lending and the woes of modern day banking including the numbering of you and ur children for the roll out of 666, show some respect to ur brethren who prefer to search out a matter and if they seem to be acting wise, bless them coz who JAH bless even you cant curse.

    Im not here to play with ur derivatives products or special purpose vehicles as a blind enduser. As u lift the veil, you will realise ur are becoming the product. Basically if u are incompetent to contribute constructively on topic, you may want to try your own advice and STFU and sit down.
    Revelation 13:16 ” And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads”

    If u haven’t learnt that the “no buying or selling without the mark” is related to transactions and the banking industry, catch a fire!

  11. maplanka ka-mazinki

    Francois I know it’s common for a theologian to make claims, publish them as truth without evidence and expect the rest of society to believe. For me it’s all about facts and evidence. You know the way to heaven but cannot explain how pyramids were built. That’s religion for you. This 666 theory of yours is just a theory.

  12. Francois Viljoen

    @maplanka: What are the facts and evidence?

    ( By the way, this is a different Francois. Looks like there are three different Francois commenting on this article. Perhaps we should start a discussion on the forum? )

  13. Milan



  14. Vincent

    Anybody know of any lawyers, judges or other legal entities in South Africa who know about this and can help you to get out of the tax burden and all that (legal representation)?


  15. jerry

    Who make the tax laws?izt gorv- or SARB) is tax included in our constitution?

  16. Dumi

    WOW!! what a lot to swallow, it seems so overwheliming ,but the movie ends up with us wining

  17. François

    Yeah…its like dat…we remain confident in the victory of good over evil. JAH live.

  18. Thys

    It is scary to see so many people uninformed or who just express total ignorance or tunnel vision

  19. R@truth

    The Sa reserve bank is controlled by the rothschild bankers.

  20. Mohlago Malesa

    We can end all this vicious cycle and control by a few elite by staying in our homes during election day.then who will have the right to claim
    Gorvanance. We will be our masters.

  21. Mohlago Malesa

    Is it possible to deregister and return the id book to its owners the Dept Hom affairsand live as a natural person.?

  22. Douwe Bijker

    I think the bank should be held by each citizen of this country and not one individual with a holding control. Control does not belong to one individual. Unless there is a benign control. Many small businesses were put out of business during the last economic crisis due to an overreaction by then reserve bank governor Tito Mboweni.

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